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Speed Summary: Where Good Ideas Come From – The Natural History of Innovation

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Where Good Ideas Come From –  The Natural History of Innovation Author: Steven Johnson Publisher: Allan Lane Publication: 2010 Where do good innovation ideas come from? The short answer; coffee houses. Longer answer, from the seven places listed below. From a review of 189 great ideas from pencils to parachutes, best-selling business and popular science author Steven…

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The Three Things that Make a Great Insight

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What makes a great insight? Well, there a radio show for that.  Tune into Freakonomics Radio (the radio channel for behavioural economists – yes it exists) and you’ll find the three criteria for a great insight. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is an insight quiz show hosted by Freaknomics author Steve Dubner in which researchers share…

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Three Simple Empathy Techniques for Qualitative Research

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Empathy is experiential insight and it’s having a moment. Business leaders, political leaders and entrepreneurs all say we need more empathy – the ability to step into someone else shoes to feel and experience the world from their perspective. We call it shoe-shifting.  But how can qualitative researchers harness empathy to generate insight?  Here are three simple empathy…

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Amazon Buys Whole Foods for $13.7bn: What it Means for FMCG

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If you’re in FMCG, say hello to your new boss.  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Today, Amazon didn’t just take over Whole Foods for $13.7bn. The world’s largest online retailer effectively also took over FMCG / CPG (fast moving consumer goods/consumer packaged goods). By buying the premium supermarket chain, the world’s largest online retailer will now set…

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