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The home and it’s owner – a changing relationship: A Crowdsight Analysis

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Intelligent home security has been an interesting concept for years – and a constant feature of science fiction writers – but until recently it hasn’t been a reality. With smart-device proliferation and increasingly affordable state of the art electronics that is changing. In the US alone, currently less than 1% of homes employ full smart…

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Fresh beer that stays fresh: A Crowdsight Analysis

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One trend ‘tapping’ into the huge growth of craft beer in the US has been the rapid rise of Growlers. These half-gallon refillable bottles (as well as the emerging 32-ounce “growlet,”) have become a prominent feature of the beer landscape that let drinkers take craft and microbrews home, straight from the tap. Though their market…

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Sleep Hacking: A Crowdsight Analysis

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In a world that is getting busier, more demanding and more stressful people are looking for ways to do things better and more productively: time is a luxury. As such people are looking to cut down on unproductive uses of time and sleep is increasingly seen as something that can be ‘hacked’. Studies have shown…

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Seasons Greetings from Brand Genetics

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So that was 2014… As we rapidly steam towards the end of another year we wanted to send everyone our Seasons Greetings and thank you for helping make 2014 what it was. This year has been an exciting one for Brand Genetics, so if you will permit us the self-indulgence of talking about ourselves (and…

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The Hunger Games Generation: Innovating for ‘Gen Z’

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To coincide with the recent launch of Hunger Games: Mockingjay – the franchise that is so iconic for Gen Z – Brand Genetics has created a short report on this exciting generation. We believe that if you want to know what the world will look like tomorrow you need to understand the up and coming generations…

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6 Innovation Lessons from the Global Innovation Forum

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Last week the 4th Global Innovation Forum rolled into London town and Brand Genetics chaired the event, which gathered a diverse range of innovators from around the world to share and learn from one another. We all learnt a huge amount over the course of the two days, but here are 6 key themes that emerged…

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Miso Tasty – 5 Key Lessons from a Start-Up

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As innovators we love to engage with new start-ups, to gain insight into what’s fuelling passions and driving growth. Miso Tasty is a striking new premium miso soup – a modern version of the ancient Japanese superfood. Targeting modern busy urbanites, it’s already selling in such well-heeled establishments as Selfridges, Wholefoods and Harvey Nichols. Bonnie…

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New Crowdsight methodology to debut at IIeX Europe 2015

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There is insight in money! This is the basis of Brand Genetics’  Crowdsight methodology which uses learnings gathered from crowdfunding to offer a validated window into the ideas and trends that will shape specific markets in the future. We believe this is a pioneering approach that blends foresight and crowdsourcing to help companies get a sense of…

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‘Home-made’ – where old meets new: A Kickstarter insight

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Innovation rarely answers a truly new need – rather it improves the way existing needs are met. Kickstarter is a great place to uncover those ‘new ways of doing’. We use Crowdsight to analyse crowdfunding sites and understand those ‘new ways of doing’. One of the strongest trends in food currently is ‘home-made’ and ‘home-crafted’.…

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The future of agriculture: A Kickstarter insight

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Innovation. Change. Disruption. It starts at the edges of categories. At Brand Genetics we constantly look to the edges to uncover insights and innovations that change the mainstream. We use Crowdsight to analyse crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter) to identify emerging, validated trends (i.e. those that have gained investment). In food, there has been a perpetuating…

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