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Next Generation Coke Life – Future-Proof or #Fail?

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Is Coke’s next-generation Cola, Coke Life with all the sweetness of regular Coke but with half the sugar (thanks to added steviol glycosides) – a winner?  Similar to the failed Pepsi Raw, Coke Life has a reduced equivalent of 6 tea-spoons of sugar per can, and is targeting “35- to 55-year-old consumers who are looking for a lower calorie cola…

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Apple iWatch’s Lesson for FMCG Innovation

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Consumer tech and consumer staples (FMCG). Light years apart right?  What could Apple’s latest venture into wearable tech – (unofficially) codenamed iWatch – possibly teach us about innovation in FMCG? One HUGE lesson. Don’t be first, be better. Like the iPhone, the iPod, the Mac, the Apple TV, and iTunes, Apple’s new smart wristband is…

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The Lean Startup [Speed Summary]

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The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses Author: Eric Ries Publisher: Crown Publication date: 2011 As well as earning cult status as the innovator’s bible in Silicon Valley, The Lean Startup is being adopted by big brands as a fast, efficient and cost-effective framework for doing breakthrough innovation in new and unproven markets. Learning by Doing In essence, the message…

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Looking Good: The Psychology of Good Design

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Does your product concept look good?  Well, it should.  Looks matter. Vision is our dominant sense, and how a product looks will drive trial, adoption, sales and profitability.  Products that look good sell more, to more people, more often and for more margin. This means that concept development should be designed with design in mind. But what, exactly,…

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Gen Y Ad “Misunderstood” Wins 2014 Creative Emmy

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Want a powerful insight into Gen Y?  Then look at this ‘Misunderstood’ ad that has just won the Emmy Award for 2014′s Outstanding Commercial. The ad, for Apple’s iPhone (Park Pictures – TBWA\Media Arts Lab) explores the generational fault line between Gen Y and their elders.  Are we a generation of self-absorbed slaves to digital screens, or part of a new creative generation…

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Seeing What Others Don’t [Speed Summary]

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Seeing What Others Don’t – The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights Author: Gary Klein Publisher: PublicAffairs Publication date: 2013 What is insight anyway? Ever wanted to nail the definition of insight simply and clearly? Eminent cognitive psychologist Dr Gary Klein, renowned for his work on how people make decisions in practice – rather than theory, has a simple and clear definition for…

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Psych Eye for the Qual Guy: A Party Game Called Psychoanalysis

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Here’s the first in a series of practical qual research techniques, tips and tricks drawn from psychology. A ‘Party Game Called Psychoanalysis’ is a simple projective research group technique used to undercover hidden (private, subconscious) hopes and fears and identify brand communication themes that connect with (hidden) motivations.  It was described by eminent cognitive psychologist Professor Daniel Dennett, author of…

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Debrief Like TED – A 10 Point Researcher Guide to Presenting Research Findings

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What can market researchers learn from the TED – 15 minute high impact idea-briefings built on incisive and inspiring insights – “ideas worth spreading”? TED idea briefings can help researchers do better debriefs, helping us focus on how we present our findings for maximum impact. So here’s a researcher’s oriented adaptation of top recommendations from the 5-star rated How to Design TED-worthy…

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Dan Ariely: 7 Problems with Research Groups and Surveys

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It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie – an interview by Nex Gen Research with psychologist and behavioural economist Dan Ariey, author of Predictably Irrational (speed summary) and expert on non-rational (non value-maximising) consumer behaviour. In the interview Dan suggests that market researchers are irrational – and predictably so – in their over reliance on traditional…

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Google Glass Now On Sale in UK – Market Research Applications

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Google’s smart specs – Glass – are now freely available to purchase in the UK for £1000, including frames – although not the 13 new Diane Von Furstenberg Frames or Shades for Google Glass also launched this week (these cost $225/$120 – US Glass store, and net-a-porter). So, whilst these are pre-launch ‘open-beta’ ‘Explorer’ edition  of Glass…

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