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Three Simple Empathy Techniques for Qualitative Research
1080 599 Paul Marsden

Empathy is experiential insight and it’s having a moment. Business leaders, political leaders and entrepreneurs all say we need more empathy – the ability to step into someone else shoes to feel and experience the world from their perspective. We call it shoe-shifting.  But how can qualitative researchers harness empathy to generate insight?  Here are three simple empathy…

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Amazon Buys Whole Foods for $13.7bn: What it Means for FMCG
1080 571 Paul Marsden

If you’re in FMCG, say hello to your new boss.  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Today, Amazon didn’t just take over Whole Foods for $13.7bn. The world’s largest online retailer effectively also took over FMCG / CPG (fast moving consumer goods/consumer packaged goods). By buying the premium supermarket chain, the world’s largest online retailer will now set…

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How to innovate successfully – 5 lessons from the man who invented Baileys
790 719 Andrew Christophers

It took just 30 seconds to invent Baileys Irish Cream – and within 45 minutes there was a fully formed prototype liquid.  In response to “The Irish brief” from IDV (now Diageo), Hugh Seymour-Davies’s insight clashed with David Gluckman’s impatience – and the world’s biggest liqueur brand was born.  “What would happen,” mused Hugh, “if…

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730 721 Andrew Christophers

David Hockney knows a thing or two about art – and he can also teach us a lot about innovation too. The current Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain (which runs till 29th May) is a shrine to innovative thinking. While it showcases 60 years of different artistic styles and devices, from painting to film to…

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The Future of Insight – Top 3 Trends
940 258 Ben Preston

Inspired by Marketing Week’s Insight Show– which featured the latest innovations from the industry’s leaders – we have distilled the top 3 trends that we believe will play a predominate role in the future of insight. MOBILE MATTERS Mobile is predicted to be the future of purchase behaviour, the chosen method for media consumption and…

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Speed dating with start-ups
1080 629 Andrew Christophers

“Bite size pitches for busy investors” grabbed my attention, so off I went to Seedrs in Old Street last week, keen to gain insight into how new innovations are being pitched in 2017.  Seedrs’ offer is to make it simple to buy into businesses you believe in, and to share in their success.  With offices in 5 countries, they invite online…

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The Future of Craft Beer – 6 Trends from CBR 17
1080 810 Marc Edwards

Boasting over 150 breweries and armed with more than 700 beers and ciders between them, Craft Beer Rising 2017 is a “must see” event in the craft beer calendar.  I joined some of the 2000 trade members and 6000 craft beer lovers at the session in Brick Lane, London and emerged, several hours later, with…

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Report: Food Matters Live
1080 810 Marc Edwards

I recently attended the Food Matters Live 2016 event – 600 exhibitors, showcasing the latest developments in “better for you” food and drink innovation.  It is an eclectic mix ranging from major food and drink manufacturers to new and enterprising start-ups, together with ingredients suppliers, retailers, foodservice providers and academic research bodies. Here are 4…

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Unilever – How to Build an Insights Engine (HBR Summary)
1000 470 Paul Marsden

In the latest Harvard Business Review special edition on consumer insights, Unilever has shared its 10-point blueprint for “building an insight engine”. Penned by Unilever’s Keith Weed (CMO) and Stan Sthanunathan (eVP CMI) (along with Frank van den Driest), the article is useful for brands looking to use insights rather than simply generate them. What is an “insight…

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9 Top Tips for Innovators – Courtesy of Jo Malone
1080 662 Andrew Christophers

I spent “an evening with Jo Malone” last week – and what an inspiring evening it was too! Jo Malone was born on a council estate in Bromley, she’s dyslexic, and she left school aged 15 with no qualifications.  But she was also born with an innate sixth sense, which enabled her to smell dampness…

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Brand Genetics’ 10 Key Insights from Imbibe Live 2016
940 282 Brand Genetics

After absorbing (both metaphorically and literally) all the offerings at this year’s Imbibe Live – the go-to trade show for anyone in alcoholic drinks – we have ‘distilled’ things down into 10 future-facing trends. We met companies ranging from the little to the large, all bringing exciting innovations to the market, so here are some of the…

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Subscribe to the Power of Surprise
1080 720 Brand Genetics

The innovation that is subscription boxes has long intrigued the team at Brand Genetics: since 2010 the market has soared – Birchbox, one of the pioneers in this space, has shipped 5,000,000 boxes worldwide to date. What’s driving this? Of course convenience is crucial, as consumers buy into the ease of automated delivery, but when Amazon Prime…

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The ‘Healthification’ of Confectionery
1080 1010 Brand Genetics

As the world become ever more health conscious, food brands are racing to fulfil consumers’ new demands. In 2016 we believe the trend towards the “healthification” of confectionery, snacks and sweet treats will really take off – but while they are demanding healthier substitutes, consumers will still expect the same taste and satisfaction. In the past,…

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She’s Still Got It – Beauty at 50-Plus
1080 718 Paul Marsden

Brand Genetics associate Rachel Clare is featured this weekend in the Sunday Times for her research into beauty care for the 50+ female demographic. A non-firewalled version of the article ‘Over 50s Market Prefers ‘Enhancement’ to Anti-Aging‘ can be found here. Top insights from our research include Beauty care innovation for 50+ females too often…

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6 Alcoholic Drinks Trends from Imbibe Live 2015
610 343 Brand Genetics

We’ve sifted through the wealth of products presented at this year’s  Imbibe Live – the must-see trade show for anyone in the world of alcoholic drinks – to identify 6 key trends for innovation. Once again this year’s event brought together a vast array of different companies – big and small – all eager to show off their…

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The Future is Personalised
1080 634 Brand Genetics

Today Jaffa Cakes launch their new personalised boxes – the perfect little gift and a nice innovation from McVitie’s. We got our personalised boxes – see photo – hot off the press thanks to our friends at Intervino (the company behind this and the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign). What this will do for Jaffa Cake…

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