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6 Innovation Lessons from the Global Innovation Forum
622 286 Brand Genetics

Last week the 4th Global Innovation Forum rolled into London town and Brand Genetics chaired the event, which gathered a diverse range of innovators from around the world to share and learn from one another. We all learnt a huge amount over the course of the two days, but here are 6 key themes that emerged…

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Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs
1024 390 Paul Marsden

Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs Author: Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel, Brian Quinn and Helen Walters Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons Publication date: 2013 Q: What’s the best way to fail at innovation? A: Do product innovation. This is the controversial message of a new hot book on innovation that’s getting glowing reviews – 10 Types…

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Miso Tasty – 5 Key Lessons from a Start-Up
1080 721 Brand Genetics

As innovators we love to engage with new start-ups, to gain insight into what’s fuelling passions and driving growth. Miso Tasty is a striking new premium miso soup – a modern version of the ancient Japanese superfood. Targeting modern busy urbanites, it’s already selling in such well-heeled establishments as Selfridges, Wholefoods and Harvey Nichols. Bonnie…

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New Crowdsight methodology to debut at IIeX Europe 2015
603 339 Brand Genetics

There is insight in money! This is the basis of Brand Genetics’  Crowdsight methodology which uses learnings gathered from crowdfunding to offer a validated window into the ideas and trends that will shape specific markets in the future. We believe this is a pioneering approach that blends foresight and crowdsourcing to help companies get a sense of…

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‘Home-made’ – where old meets new: A Kickstarter insight
1024 682 Brand Genetics

Innovation rarely answers a truly new need – rather it improves the way existing needs are met. Kickstarter is a great place to uncover those ‘new ways of doing’. We use Crowdsight to analyse crowdfunding sites and understand those ‘new ways of doing’. One of the strongest trends in food currently is ‘home-made’ and ‘home-crafted’.…

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The future of agriculture: A Kickstarter insight
1080 407 Brand Genetics

Innovation. Change. Disruption. It starts at the edges of categories. At Brand Genetics we constantly look to the edges to uncover insights and innovations that change the mainstream. We use Crowdsight to analyse crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter) to identify emerging, validated trends (i.e. those that have gained investment). In food, there has been a perpetuating…

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Next Generation Coke Life – Future-Proof or #Fail?
1024 535 Paul Marsden

Is Coke’s next-generation Cola, Coke Life with all the sweetness of regular Coke but with half the sugar (thanks to added steviol glycosides) – a winner?  Similar to the failed Pepsi Raw, Coke Life has a reduced equivalent of 6 tea-spoons of sugar per can, and is targeting “35- to 55-year-old consumers who are looking for a lower calorie cola…

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Restaurant quality without the restaurant: A Kickstarter insight
700 394 Brand Genetics

Restaurants and chefs drive the trends and innovations of home cooking. It’s not always easy to get sight of what those trends are and what it means for consumers. We use Crowdsight to analyse crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter) to get sight of key trends and innovations early. One constant in home cooking is the desire…

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Does your business have the appetite for disruption
550 394 Brand Genetics

Ivy league academic debates rarely set our hearts racing at Brand Genetics (‘Life is so unlike theory’ as Anthony Trollope wrote), but when one challenges a cornerstone of innovation thinking we start to get interested. So Harvard professor Jill Lepore’s out attack on the concept of disruptive innovation and on Clayton Christensen, the Harvard professor who coined it, was worth taking notice…

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Apple iWatch’s Lesson for FMCG Innovation
976 502 Paul Marsden

Consumer tech and consumer staples (FMCG). Light years apart right?  What could Apple’s latest venture into wearable tech – (unofficially) codenamed iWatch – possibly teach us about innovation in FMCG? One HUGE lesson. Don’t be first, be better. Like the iPhone, the iPod, the Mac, the Apple TV, and iTunes, Apple’s new smart wristband is…

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3 innovation lessons we can learn from Kickstarter’s record breaker
1060 576 Brand Genetics

The Coolest Cooler not only sounds cool, it is cool… Or at least that’s what over 62,000 people who backed it on Kickstarter think! On Friday, The Coolest broke the previous Kickstarter record with an incredible $13.3 million (after only asking for $50,000) pledged. At Brand Genetics we believe the innovation lessons we can learn…

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Looking Good: The Psychology of Good Design
1080 496 Paul Marsden

Does your product concept look good?  Well, it should.  Looks matter. Vision is our dominant sense, and how a product looks will drive trial, adoption, sales and profitability.  Products that look good sell more, to more people, more often and for more margin. This means that concept development should be designed with design in mind. But what, exactly,…

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Is This The Future of Washing? P&G Unveils The Swash
150 150 Brand Genetics

Procter and Gamble recently unveiled the Swash machine, a clothes refresher that allows people to re-wear their garments without washing. In conjunction with Whirlpool, they have developed a system that deodorises, de-wrinkles, preserves and refreshes clothes in only 10 minutes. As one P&G Director commented it aims to be to the washing machine what the…

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4 ways thinking like a child can unearth fresh insight
150 150 Brand Genetics

Adora Svitak’s TED talk (see video above) has been watched nearly 3.5million times – particularly  surprising given she was only 12 years old at the time! It suggest her subject,’What adults can learn from kids’, really struck a chord. Svitak suggests the world needs “childish” thinking – bold ideas, wild creativity and optimism – and adults should show a willingness…

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Gen Y Ad “Misunderstood” Wins 2014 Creative Emmy
150 150 Paul Marsden

Want a powerful insight into Gen Y?  Then look at this ‘Misunderstood’ ad that has just won the Emmy Award for 2014′s Outstanding Commercial. The ad, for Apple’s iPhone (Park Pictures – TBWA\Media Arts Lab) explores the generational fault line between Gen Y and their elders.  Are we a generation of self-absorbed slaves to digital screens, or part of a new creative generation…

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8 new words in the Oxford dictionary & what they say about our lives
1000 270 Brand Genetics

Any semiotician will tell you that language reflects ways of living and thinking, and more specifically, words can provide valuable clues to understanding culture. So it’s always interesting to see how our language is evolving with the latest new words added to the Oxford online dictionary. New words, senses, and phrases are added once enough independent evidence…

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