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Blockchain, Londoners and the McVegan Burger…what we’ve been reading this week at Brand Genetics.

875 561 Clemmie Prendergast

This week at Brand Genetics we’ve been reading all about food, health and fitness and a few unorthodox insights caught our eye. This week was big for burger innovation with McDonalds selling 150,000 McVegan burgers since its launch just over a month ago. Currently only available in Sweden and Finland, the McVegan burger was created…

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Artificial Intelligence, Galentine’s and Romantic Shopping…What we’ve been reading this week.

540 480 Clemmie Prendergast

This week at Brand Genetics we’ve been reading about Valentine’s Day and a few unorthodox insights caught our eye… We started off with this Forbes article, outlining some key consumer spending trends; this year we are spending $19.6 billion during this holiday, with the average American spending $143.56. Interestingly, there is a growing “Anti-Valentine’s Day…

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All Marketing is Darwinian

300 375 Clemmie Prendergast

Happy 209th Birthday to Charles Darwin! Today we are very excited to be celebrating Darwin Day at Brand Genetics! When we started up in 1996, we launched with one fundamental belief: “All marketing is Darwinian”. We used the principles of evolutionary genetics to guide our approach to innovation. And although much has changed in two…

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The 9 FMCG Trends of 2015 [Speed Briefing]

1080 810 Paul Marsden

Last week, the winners of the 2015 Product Innovation of the Year awards were announced. And based on an analysis of the voting patterns of the 10,000 strong consumer-jury, we’ve identified the 9 big trends shaping FMCG in 2015 and beyond. So here’s a short presentation of the trends, along with all the winners; the winners…

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The Hunger Games Generation: Innovating for ‘Gen Z’

1080 540 Brand Genetics

To coincide with the recent launch of Hunger Games: Mockingjay – the franchise that is so iconic for Gen Z – Brand Genetics has created a short report on this exciting generation. We believe that if you want to know what the world will look like tomorrow you need to understand the up and coming generations…

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