Coca-Cola Zero developed a groundbreaking edition can for the recent Rock in Rio Festival. With the addition of technology and music to the packaging, the new cans come with wave sounds that can be scanned by the new Coca-Cola Zero Music App, available for iOS and Android. The cans play five different songs from artists who performed at the festival. The exclusive playlists are divided by rock, pop, metal, electronic, hip-hop, classical and folk Brazilian music.

In addition to this, consumers are encouraged to create their own playlists and share on social networks. A good idea that can generates a unique experience to the customers giving them access to the most successful songs of the festival without going anywhere.

First it was Marc Jacobs Limited Edition bringing an innovative design to the cans and now Rock in Rio Edition proving through technology that Coca-Cola is taking packaging to a whole new level. We’ve seen FMCG increasingly use packaging as more than just ‘media’ but as a key differentiator: everyone should now be asking themselves how their packaging enhances the user’s experience of the brand. If it doesn’t, it’s time to take a leaf out of the Coke playbook and start innovating.

You can see the video here. (In Portuguese)


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