Cool Innovation in FMCG #4: Fiji Water Straws

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Why did it take so long?  Forget sports water bottle cap tops unless you’re Lance Armstrong or Alenka Bika wannabes, every lipstick-tastic water-sipping hipster in da club needs a straw.

Pommery’s POP bubbles-to-the-brain champagne paved the way with straws for champagne, and now celeb fav FIJI Water brand is launching water bottle tops with integrated straws.

The straw-augmented Fiji Water bottles were spotted pre-launch a fortnight ago at New York Fashion Week and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  And David Bowman, marketing VP of the brand was on hand to say the innovation simply “made sense for our female fan base”.

Fiji will initially make its strawed bottle tops (reusable) available to purchase separately from bottles later this year, but success will come when they’re integrated.




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