We’re not quite sure of the exact moment when pasteurised juice brands of the Innocent Smoothie and Tropicana clan were demoted to canned soup status, but the mainstreaming of the ‘cold-pressed juice’ trend probably had something to do with it.

Which is why we heart BluePrint, the original (2006) US cold-pressed juice start-up brand that has just gone mainstream – picked up by retail giant Wholefoods, and purchased by NASDAQ company Hain Celestial.

But what we really like about BluePrint is its price. The we-don’t-nuke-our juice brand from entrepreneurs Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss comes with a £40/day price-tag when bundled into a ‘Cleanse’ detox routine. Gotta love those margins.

And it’s not just the smart bundling we like about BluePrint branding; cutesy baby-bottle packaging with smart copy, heavy celebrity seeding, and cues from juice-powered ‘fast dieting’ and retro 90s-style ‘Master Cleanse’ detoxing, all coalesce together to make the BluePrint brand brilliant.

We also love the new range of grab-and-go ‘everyday’ BluePrint juices – a bargain at £6.60 per bottle – (see photos from Brand Genetics’ in-house trend snapper, Andrew, below).

The cold-pressed raw fruit and veg bandwagon has arrived at the UK station, and is about to leave with Plenish Cleanse juices now available at Harvey Nicks and corpo-canteens for London media pixies.

The science might be dodgy, with side-effects assigned proof it-must-be-working status status, but the economics are brilliant.

Kudos BluePrint.







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