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Hitting the Sweet Spot – Understanding Your Target Audience

We have been intrigued by Maria Sharapova’s new range of sweets, the aptly named Sugarpova gummy candies.  “I’m competitive,” says the best-paid sportswoman on the planet, “and I want to be top in the gummy world.”

This inspired us to invite a team of 15-year-old would-be innovators into the Brand Genetics office, to invent something new for the sweet treat world.  Armed with a map of enticing destinations, including Sweets from Heaven, Hamley’s Sweet Shop, M&M World and Mrs Kibbles Olde Sweet Shoppe, our mini entrepreneurs set out on a sweet safari, coming back with a range of inspiration.

Identifying emergent trends in retro, mash-up textures and personification, the team came up with 3 new inventions for the sweet treat market: a nostalgic 100th anniversary World War One range of sweets, a random ‘box of chocolates in a bar’ and a World Cup collector range (where maybe you could bite the head off Luis Suarez?)

We were struck by the articulate responses, the strong opinions and the passion of the team; also by some of their insights: “Choosing which sweets to buy can sometimes be the most difficult decision of the day!”

And the moral of the story?  Never fail to understand your target market.  You are certainly a prodigiously talented tennis player, Maria, but we wonder if you fully understand what motivates your prospective consumers?

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