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51 Top Insight and Co-Creation Techniques for Innovation from IDEO

IDEO’s much-respected Method Cards, outlining 50 top insight and co-creation techniques for innovation, is available as a free downloadable iOS app. The brilliant deck of 51 cards is also available from Amazon.

Built on the proven LEARN-LOOK-ASK-TRY framework for developing concepts, IDEO’s gift to the world is a core resource for brands and their agencies looking to deliver high performance research and co-creation workshops.

We’ve highlighted our favourite tools for innovating for consumer products…

LEARN: Collecting and analysing information to identify patterns and insights

  • Activity Analysis, Affinity Diagrams, Anthropometric Analysis, Character Profiles, Cognitive Task Analysis, Competitive Product Survey, Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Error Analysis, Flow Analysis, Historical Analysis, Long-Range Forecasts, Secondary Research

LOOK: Observing people to discover what they do rather than what they say

  • A Day in the Life, Behavioral Archaeology, Behavioral Mapping, Fly on the WallGuided Tours, Personal Inventory, Rapid EthnographyShadowing, Social Network Mapping, Still-Photo Survey, Time-Lapse Video,

ASK: Enlisting people’s participation to elicit information relevant to the project

  • Camera Journal, Card Sort, Cognitive Maps, Collage, Conceptual Landscape, Cultural Probes, Draw the Experience, Extreme User InterviewsFive Whys?, Foreign Correspondents, Narration, Surveys & Questionnaires, Unfocus Group, Word-Concept Associations

TRY: Creating simulations to help empathise with people and evaluate proposed innovations

  • Behavior Sampling, Be Your Customer, Bodystorming, Empathy Tools, Experience Prototype, Informance, Paper Prototyping, Predict Next Year’s Headlines, Quick-and-Dirty Prototyping, Role-Playing, Scale Modeling, Scenarios, Scenario Testing, Try It Yourself


To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?