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Brand Genetics Is Looking For An Insight and Innovation Intern

Here at BG we are looking for someone to work as part of our team for 3 months. Every day at Brand Genetics is different so there will be opportunities for the successful candidate to get involved across a wide range of activities – supporting live projects, helping new business initiatives and creating fresh content for the business.

Applicant Qualities

  • We are looking for someone who will bring enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, fresh perspectives and a sense of humour.
  • You should be genuinely interested and excited by the world of brand strategy and consumer insight and be able to demonstrate this.
  • Candidates should be able to show experience of being:
    • Creative – the ability to think creatively about complex challenges and find fresh perspectives on old problems
    • Analytical – experience in sifting through diverse sources to come to a clear and cogent point of view, supported by evidence
    • Confident (but not arrogant) – happy to challenge and argue a case, willing to have a go at things outside their experience, and equally confident enough to say when they feel they don’t know
    • A team player – as a small business we want someone willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in whatever is required
  • Ideally – but not necessarily – you will also have:
    • Writing / blogging experience – demonstrating strong writing ability (in English) through published / self-published work
    • Powerpoint / Photoshop skills – the ability to create presentations / visuals that communicate data in a compelling way
    • Relevant work experience – previous experience in a creative agency or consultancy is advantageous, but not essential
    • Languages – fluency in languages other than English is a plus


  • For our part, in addition to a basic salary (based on the London living wage), we can promise stimulating discussions, involvement in challenging client hands on learning, and a fun team environment.
  • You will be up close and personal with some of the world’s biggest brands, working with an experienced senior team and getting to understand the theory and the practice of insight, innovation and marketing.
  • Hopefully, it will prove a great grounding for anyone interested in a career in the world of marketing – and for those who we feel have the potential to progress there are potential full-time opportunities with Brand Genetics

Key Elements of the Role

  1. Project / New Business Support
  • Involvement in discussions on project / new business opportunities to help develop an appropriate recommendations / proposals
  • Research analysis (eg. working through homework diaries to synthesise the learnings)
  • Desk research for stimulus, trends, category background, market learnings etc
  • Presentation Preparation (drafting and editing PowerPoint presentations)
  • Administrative support: arranging / booking travel, liaising with local market partners, writing up notes, entering expenses
  1. Creating new content
  • Blog / Twitter: writing articles for the company blog that fit with the company positioning and will be of relevance / interest to our clients
  • Developing new business hits: drafting market speed summaries, sourcing material to support learning lunches
  • Supporting new product development: helping create new offers / new content for Brand Genetics
  • Speed summaries of books: for publishing and sharing internally
  1. On going Intelligence gathering
  • Internal market updates: weekly summaries of the latest trends and topics in our key categories
  • Looking at specific new categories to uncover points of interest that can help Brand Genetics develop new relationships in these markets
  • Trends work: evolving and contributing to the Brand Genetics trends bank
  1. Internship project
  • Across the term of the internship develop a report on an area of personal interest that is also relevant to Brand Genetics business
  • Potential topics might be: ‘The Bar of the Future’,
  • This should be a standalone piece that can be shared / published with relevant clients but which can also be shared by the intern as an example of what they can do
  • Topic to be agreed with Brand Genetics Directors and regular reviews and feedback sessions planned in, with the aim being to have the report ready a week or two before the completion of the internship


Please send your CV supported by a short covering letter as to why you are interested in the role and what you would hope to get out of it to olivia.galvin@brandgenetics.preview.uk.com


To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?