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The Future is Personalised

Today Jaffa Cakes launch their new personalised boxes – the perfect little gift and a nice innovation from McVitie’s. We got our personalised boxes – see photo – hot off the press thanks to our friends at Intervino (the company behind this and the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign).

What this will do for Jaffa Cake sales in coming months remains to be seen; but Coke’s sales in the UK increased by almost 5% during  ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Perhaps the bigger question is what next for personalisation?

Although few of us would complain about having one’s name on a product – it may not tick the  box for everyone or every brand; equally, the novelty will no doubt wear off as more brands come to the party: we’ve seen Coke do it, Famous Grouse, Stella Artois and now Jaffa Cakes. So what next? Or is this ‘peak personalisation’?

The truth is we’re probably only scratching the surface of what will increasingly become expected rather than surprising for consumers. Previously any personalisation would inevitably create complexity and add huge cost – meaning it could only ever enjoy limited roll out. But today companies like Intervino have found ways to remove many of those barriers and technologies like 3D printing are opening up huge new possibilities for personalisation. Equally, big data means companies will increasingly personalise products to consumers’ needs and preferences without asking.

The opportunities for personalisation are literally limitless. As the appetite of consumers for individualised products and brand experiences gathers pace, every brand now needs to be asking what its strategy for personalisation should be. The age of commoditised products for the masses is drawing to a close – as brands increasingly look to understand individual consumer needs, we’ll soon be enjoying products that increasingly reflect our own individuality.

But for now we’re just going to enjoy some Jaffa Cakes!

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To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?