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Top 40 Innovation Areas for Global FMCG Brands

The University of Cambridge recently ran a Dragon’s Den style pitching event matching up innovators with a panel of senior execs from global FMCG brands; Bacardi, Mars, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Heinz…

As part of the briefing, this insightful list of top 40 innovation areas for global FMCG brands was provided by the panel of brands.  Top themes coming through are the usual suspects of health, sustainability and digital, but there’s more to the list. As creative insight for innovation projects, this list is gold dust, representing the collective wisdom of top global consumer brands about where the future of successful FMCG innovation lies. If you prefer your insight a little more visually inspiring, download our word cloud covering the top 40 priority innovation areas for global FMCG brands (below).

  1. Ingredients with proven health benefits
  2. Packaging interacting with consumer
  3. Natural Sugar/Salt replacers
  4. New process technologies (especially cooking / sterilisation)
  5. Highly differentiated, innovative ingredients
  6. Reaching social media savvy younger generations
  7. Batch-of-one / Flexible manufacturing
  8. Sustainable supply chain ingredients
  9. Natural Preservatives
  10. Preserving food naturally
  11. Texturants
  12. Digital marketing
  13. More advanced film/paperboard hybrid structures
  14. New packaging materials
  15. Solutions for reduction in fat & calories
  16. “Packaging free” products
  17. New raw materials technologies (eg for packaging or protein)
  18. Oxidative/microbiologically stable ingredients
  19. Alternatives to glass & PET containers
  20. Water management solutions
  21. Solutions for healthy ageing
  22. Fibre ingredients
  23. Sweeteners
  24. E-science / managing large data sets
  25. Opacity without titanium dioxide
  26. Compostable packaging
  27. Natural/Clean label ingredients
  28. More printable packaging materials
  29. Water quality solutions
  30. Efficient/Small packs
  31. Variable high speed bar code and text printing
  32. Food state sensing inks
  33. In line printing and customisation of packaging
  34. Industrial plug and play
  35. Stem cell use
  36. Targeted GMO
  37. New ingredients to fight viruses
  38. Dispensing for high particulate containing formulas
  39. Child resistant ophthalmic dispensing
  40. Alternative animal feed solutions



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To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?