Natural Inspiration for Innovation: Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature

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At Brand Genetics, we believe in the awesome creative power of evolution; nature has spent 3.5 billion years producing ingenious answers to many of the innovation problems that our clients face today. And now Richard Hammond is presenting a BBC show on just this subject; Miracles of Nature is a popular science series about how nature is teeming with bright ideas that can help solve innovation briefs.

The bottom line –  to solve your innovation talk to a naturalist and the use Natural History Museum as your best source of inspiration for innovation. The 30 thousand species of fish, 10 thousand species of birds, 8 thousand species of reptiles, one million species of insects and 4 and half thousand species of mammals have probably already solved the innovation problem you are trying to solve.

Trying to innovate a new crash helmet? Then look to the woodpecker’s brain casing that can withstand a 1200G shock…

Trying to create a waterproof version of your product? Then look to the blue morpho butterfly from the South American rainforest and its water repellant wings…

Trying to increase manoeuvrability in the air or under the sea? Then look at Cape vulture with its small wing span and use of thermals…

Trying to create a next-generation pilot suit that allows pilots to fly at 9g+?  Then look to the giraffe’s circulatory system that regulates blood pressure in its long neck…

It’s a great show, that makes a powerful point – nature should be the natural source of inspiration for your next innovation project.


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