Brand Genetics

What's in a name?

We’re called Brand Genetics for a reason. We launched in 1996 with the rallying cry “All marketing is Darwinian”, using the principles of evolutionary genetics to guide our approach to innovation. While much has changed over the last 20-plus years, we still remain true to these founding principles today.

Our original vision was to help clients develop new categories, not just new products. This goal – which today would be termed disruption – was rooted in the understanding that “mutations are the source of all progress”. It challenged conventional thinking and inspired our early Mutant Marketing Programme. Working with visionary and maverick clients, we developed ideas on the basis of form-before-function (product-led innovation), co-created with Pioneer consumers (lead-users and early adopters) and conducted iterative “only the fittest survive” selection (‘test-and-learn’).

Much of what was cutting-edge then is now widely advocated today. Disruptive innovation is here to stay; product or design-led innovation is increasingly fashionable; many have recognised that early adopters hold the key to innovation success; and the Lean Startup has popularised the ‘test-and-learn’ approach.

But while our principles remain the same, today’s innovators face new challenges and require new solutions, so we continue to break new ground. Despite being an established business, tackling global projects for major corporates, we maintain our start-up mentality, with a willingness to challenge innovation inertia. It’s this inherent dissatisfaction with the status quo that still motivates and inspires us today. We continue to work at the future’s edge, delivering human-centred insight and innovation to help our clients answer the question “What’s next?”

And we enjoy the link between our offices in London’s Fitzroy Square and our story – it was Robert Fitzroy who captained The Beagle on Darwin’s famous trip, way back in 1831!