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10 Top Tips for Innovation

Short and sweet, but no less true for it, here is a summary of the ‘Top 10 Tips for Innovation’ which  help guide everyone in our agency:

1. No problem, no opportunity: only an innovation that solves a real customer problem will succeed

2. Change happens at the edges: if you only talk to mainstream customers you’re never going to find new opportunities

3. Everything is a remix: successful innovations blend existing ideas with their own twist

4. Proudly found elsewhere:  look outside your business for ideas and ditch the ‘not invented here syndrome’

5. Selection is the forgotten part of the creative process: it’s not enough to generate ideas, you must identify the one that will beat the current ‘best in class’

6. The Twitter Pitch: in a busy world your idea must be easy to communicate – less is more

7. Don’t be a slave to market research: let it inform what you think about, not tell you what to think

8. Talk to the consumers who count: Early Adopters decide whether ideas ‘cross the chasm’ or not

9. Create unfair advantage: creatively leverage your core competencies to make it hard for others to follow

10. Commitment is crucial: innovation without real commitment fails – remember ideas are important, but great execution is the key to success

An expanded version of these tips has just been published in this month’s BA Business Life Magazine – find it online here or take a look next time you find yourself on a BA flight.

Equally, anyone with their own tips that haven’t made into our Top 10 or thoughts on these please drop us a line: we’re always open to learning…


Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?