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Cool Innovation in FMCG #1: Evian Smart Drop

There’s more to innovation in FMCG than re-labelling, repackaging and variations on the ingredient/flavour theme.  Here’s the first in our series showcasing cool FMCG innovations; today the Evian Smart Drop.

The Evian Smart Drop is not a new bottle of water but an Internet connected fridge magnet.  When you’re running out of your fav. Alpine eau, just press the Smart Drop fridge magnet and it connects to your home WiFi network to transmit a new home delivery order – free delivery for a 15€+ order.

The Evian Smart Drop, developed by BETC Paris is a Mac like magnet made up of a LED screen, wireless chip, microcontroller, battery and an inbuilt HTML5 app. The insight behind the innovation is simple – water is a pain to carry from the supermarket.

Why we like this: First we’re big believers in future of FMCG brands as “brand-as-service”; it’s the only way FMCG brands will be able to maintain a margin over own-label in the fast approaching future.  Second, we also like that it’a a pioneering use of the Internet of Things trend (Web 3.0 – aka connected devices/wearable tech), which will make the whole social Web 2.0 feel oh-so trivial…  And third, from a branding perspective, what a great way to create both brand salience and positive brand associations for our connected age. Fantastique.

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Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?