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Cool Innovation in FMCG 7: Dominos Pizza Gig-in-a-Box

How do you put the fun into FMCG?  Take a cue from Dominos Pizza in Japan and augment your packaging with augmented reality.  Throw in some co-creation and a little star-dust and you’ll have a hit.

Dominos Japan have licensed the one of Japan’s biggest stars (tipped to be the next Lady Gaga), a virtual idol anime holograph that goes by the name of Hatsune Miku.  On tour, Hatsune Miku plays to sell out concert crowds around the world, but now with Dominos you can get your own private concert with the virtual idol via an augmented reality smartphone app. Just point the smartphone at the box and the pizza box becomes a concert stage.

And here’s where the co-creation comes in.  Hatsune Miku’s lyrics are created by Dominos employees (virtual idols use vocaloid technology that allow fans to  create their own songs for their them).  A brilliant way to generate enthusiasm internally for an innovation.  And a smart way for a Western brand to adapt to a local market by adding a augmented local layer to a product.

Oh and yesterday, Dominos ran out of pizza boxes – such is the popularity of their augmented reality packaging.

Fun with a capital F in FMCG innovation.






Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?