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How can iBeacon help you personalise your consumers’ brand experience?

The launch of Apple’s location based system iBeacon is the latest Point of Sale (POS) technology designed to allow retailers to interact with shoppers via personalised notifications. The technology interacts with iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth to help customers to find products, to show good deals and also to make the actual purchase easier (a way easier, actually).

Though Apple introduced iBeacon as an in-store system the possibilities for location based services like this are endless for those who are willing to think creatively. For example, Major League Baseball already announced their plans of using the technology to deliver a customised experience to fans attending games.

At Brand Genetics we figure the smart revolution is an exciting opportunity for brands to innovate at the so-called ‘moment of truth’ (ie. point of sale) by engaging consumers in more tailored and interesting ways. Beyond retailers, iBeacon could offer opportunities for drinks brands to work with bars and nightclubs to help drive sales via recommendations; or food chains to tempt consumers with personalised menus; or banks to use ‘queue time’ to help consumers with their financial issues.

Personalisation has become a key component of brand building and driving consumer engagement: technology brands like Apple have provided the tools, now brands must be creative in thinking how they can use this to improve their consumers’ experiences.

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?