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How to “Be More Human”

As an agency that believes that the future is human, we at Brand Genetics are enjoying Reebok’s 2018 latest ‘#BeMoreHuman‘ campaign starring positive female role models, including Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Gigi Hadid, Icelandic CrossFit star Katrin Davidsdottir and others.

But what does #BeMoreHuman mean?  For Reebok, it means being the best possible version of yourself physically, mentally and socially to bring positive change to the world. The campaign celebrates women who are doing just that.

One practical way to #BeMoreHuman is to build on your human character strengths. If you want to identify your own human character strengths you can complete the VIA inventory here. (Values in Action Inventory of Strengths),  which is the only free, online, scientifically validated test of human character strengths available.

At Brand Genetics, we use this VIA inventory of 24 human strengths over 6 dimensions to guide human-centric innovation and branding. And to walk our “the future is human” talk, we champion the human character strengths of human compassion, human curiosity, and human creativity.  Together, we believe compassion, curiosity and creativity are the tools needed for positive innovation.

 The VIA inventory of human strengths also illustrates why we believe that the future is human in a world of automation and algorithms. Human strengths set us apart from machines and motivate positive change.





Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?