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How to unlock brand growth using the hidden motives that drive consumer behaviour

This article is part of our series on The hidden motives that drive consumer behaviour.
You can view the full series or download the report.

Motivation is the drive that moves people to act. For brands, this means no motivation, no growth because no one buys. No matter how many needs we address, hopes we appeal to, or incentives and benefits we offer, without motivation nothing happens.

After decades of neglect, the recognition that motivation is a core driver of behaviour is a central insight of contemporary behavioural science. Motivation – and motivational research – are now returning to the heart of marketing.

At Brand Genetics, we are specialists in understanding consumer motivations and applying this to drive brand growth – with that in mind we have produced our latest report, which you can download today.

In the report we:

  • Offer a human-first approach to marketing, helping companies to avoid being buffeted by the winds of change and instead focus on sustainable long-term growth
  • Break down the Motivational Matrix, which helps brand owners navigate the hidden, higher-order goals that also motivate buyer behaviour.
  • Explores each of the 9 motivations brands can tap into to differentiate from the competition and drive sales.
  • Give tangible, real-life success stories that exemplify how businesses can utilise each of these 9 motivations!

How are brands using this tool to drive growth:

Rewatch our webinar here, with an expert panel of Liz Thompson (Head of BG North America), Paul Marsden (Consumer psychologist), Molly Hayes (Global Senior Director of Growth, Foresight & Innovation Insights, Mars) and Caitlin Partridge (Global Marketing Director – Mike’s, ABinBev) – as we bring to life the motivations with best in class examples of how brands have used the matrix to unlock growth.


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We have already helped many of the world’s leading brands evolve their approach to insight, innovation and strategy. If you’re motivated by a human-first approach to driving brand growth let’s talk

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Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?