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How to Write Killer Concepts: The Stripped Concept

How do you write a killer new product concept that will get your innovation idea through concept screening and testing?

Here’s one of the very few evidence-based discussions on the subject, published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management by Prof. Malcolm Wright and Gavin Lees. The evidence suggests that the ‘stripped concept’ – a brief, non-persuasive, non-emotive, factual description – is hard to beat.

Specifically, in a formal test, the study found no differences in concept test scores between the same concept tested as a stripped concept, embellished (persuasive) concept or a visual concept.  On the other hand, embellishments, such as persuasion attempts and visuals create uncertainty about whether people are reacting to the execution, rather than the concept. They also cost you more money.

The present study found no significant differences from the addition of a persuasive tone or the subsequent addition of visual stimuli.

So is the smart product concept actually a “twincept” – a brief, non-persuasive, non-emotive, factual tweet?  There’s little evidence to suggest it’s anything more…

Smart concept testing on Twitter – you heard it here first.

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?