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Polar Beer helps consumers disconnect to reconnect (Brazil)

In our ‘always on’ culture of phones, tablets and social media, switching off is emerging as one of life’s luxuries. As consumers increasingly live their lives on their smartphones there has been a shift from enjoying shared experiences with friends to spending time sharing experiences with online networks.

This has given rise to ‘Digital Detox’ destinations where consumers are encouraged (or forced) to switch off for the benefit of themselves and others. In LA, Eva Restaurant offered diners a 5 per cent discount if they left their phones with the receptionist. And ‘de-tech’ holiday packages where guest hand over their electronic devices at check-in with a variety of distractions, activities and even coaching to help cope with life offline.

Now Brazilian beer brand Polar has developed a beer cooler that encourages old fashioned conversation by blocking cell and mobile internet signals within a 1.5 meter radius. The beer cooler (spotted by Springwise) thereby enables drinkers to focus on their friends and enjoy their face-to-face time in person – as explained in this promotional video.

Brands should be asking themselves whether they could do more help their consumers celebrate real social interaction. Limiting the digital bombardment we face on a daily basis is shown to reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Finding ways to provide your consumers with their own temporary digital detox might be a truly positive service!

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?