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She’s Still Got It – Beauty at 50-Plus

Brand Genetics associate Rachel Clare is featured this weekend in the Sunday Times for her research into beauty care for the 50+ female demographic. A non-firewalled version of the article ‘Over 50s Market Prefers ‘Enhancement’ to Anti-Aging‘ can be found here.

Top insights from our research include

    Beauty care innovation for 50+ females too often misses the mark because it is based on outmoded false stereotypes. We need to reconnect with this demographic and then innovate with them, not just for them
    A Boomer mindset frames their world; They highly prize the values of their youth (individuality and youth), but they now have the wisdom and compassion that comes with age (comfortable with their own skin, recognition that their time is precious)
    Biggest fear: being seen as a joke. Fear that other will misread their beauty care as an unrealistic attempt to look young
    Highly literate skincare & beauty consumers. This demographic has grown up among false promises of beauty care industry, and is skeptical of miracle creams and claims

If you’re looking to innovate for the lucrative 50+ beauty market, contact Tom or Rachel directly at tom.ellis [at] brandgenetics.preview.uk.com or rachel.clare [at] brandgenetics.preview.uk.com.

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?