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Brand purpose or community-building?… what we’ve been reading this week at Brand Genetics

1080 529 Clemmie Prendergast

We’ve been reading all about brand purpose and the power of brand communities and a few revealing insights have caught our eye… Brands often get a bad reputation.  As symbols of commercialism many people have negative associations with brands, believing them to embody conformity, mediocrity and the suppression of individuality.  However, we are seeing a brand…

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Big data and personality profiling… what’ve we’ve been reading this week at Brand Genetics

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We’ve been reading all about the Cambridge Analytica files and a few unorthodox insights have caught our eye… While we’re not going to touch on the heated debate itself (for background, see here, here and here), we did want to focus on two interesting offshoots of the Cambridge Analytica files: personality profiling and fake news. For those who haven’t been…

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Artificial Intelligence, Galentine’s and Romantic Shopping…What we’ve been reading this week.

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This week at Brand Genetics we’ve been reading about Valentine’s Day and a few unorthodox insights caught our eye… We started off with this Forbes article, outlining some key consumer spending trends; this year we are spending $19.6 billion during this holiday, with the average American spending $143.56. Interestingly, there is a growing “Anti-Valentine’s Day…

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