Last week, the winners of the 2015 Product Innovation of the Year awards were announced.

And based on an analysis of the voting patterns of the 10,000 strong consumer-jury, we’ve identified the 9 big trends shaping FMCG in 2015 and beyond.

So here’s a short presentation of the trends, along with all the winners; the winners themselves are UK innovations, but the trends identified are international in scope and relevance.

Check them out, download the deck, and use as creative stimulus and innovation planning.

  1. #ConvenienceRules – The mega-trend of 2015 and the future; consumers want it quicker and easier from brands that buy us time and save us effort
  2. #OnTheGo – A variation on the ConvenienceRules mega-trend, busy consumers look to enjoy brands on the move as they speed through our fast culture
  3. #HealthMatters – With the rise of health-tech and medical self-care, consumers increasingly look to products offering health benefits
  4. #VirtuousPleasures – As consumers become evermore health-aware, they look to switch to good-for-you indulgence
  5. #OwnLabelLove – Increasingly seen as offering the same quality for less, consumer love for own label options is becoming a critical issue for brands
  6. #MadeForMe – Consumers are looking for products specially designed to fit their own unique profiles, needs and lifestyles. One size no longer fits all
  7. #PremiumPull – Consumers increasingly expect a premium experience, even from mass market brands
  8. #FruitTastic – AAs refined sugar comes to stand for all things evil, the consumers sweet tooth is increasingly satisfied with fruit
  9. #TechTime – It’s tech time for FMCG as digital natives embrace and expect tech-enhanced experiences everywhere




  1. JIWOON JANG Reply

    I was just wondering “Last week, the winners of the 2015 Product Innovation of the Year awards were announced.”
    where was the award superintended? which country? was it USA?
    and also, what was the criteria of the award? pos data of which country? or consumer’s survey?
    Is there any website that i can refer?

  2. Fascinating how many of these trends took root and are now part of our lives.
    I love these short briefings you put out Paul, perhaps one of the digital trends of 2017 – everything quicker and faster than everything else.

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