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Insight report: The Laws of Human Nature

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Humans are hardwired to pay attention to the new, the different or the unusual, so in turbulent times it’s tempting to focus on what’s changing in the world. However, by following this path you and your businesses may be leaving the bigger opportunities on the table!

The smarter move is to ensure you understand the immutable elements – those things that are stable over time. These are the real foundations for strong brands & sustained growth.

At Brand Genetics, we believe that seeing the world ‘human-first’ is key to solving complex challenges. We look at these through the lens of human nature, because while technologies, businesses and markets change, human nature remains constant.

Our latest insight report focuses on 7 key laws, inspired by Robert Greene’s ‘The Laws of Human Nature’ (winner of the International Business Book Award, 2019) and supported by other sources. We also break down examples of how these insights can be applied to the world of marketing, innovation and strategy to inspire new thinking in your organisation.

Understanding these laws – and how human nature shapes our choices and decisions – can help you see through the fog of change to better understand your consumers and ultimately chart a clearer course to business growth.

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Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?

Quer acompanhar o que estamos fazendo?