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What do consumers want in a COVID-19? Catch up on our webinar series.

This article is part of our series on Global consumer insight on Covid-19.
You can view the full series or download the report.

There is no doubt that understanding how COVID-19 is changing consumer behaviour now and in the future will be critical to future brand and business success. Luckily, while the world around us is highly unpredictable, human nature remains consistent, providing a strong basis on which to assess the present and make some robust predictions about the future.

In response, we have launched a series of webinars to explore the issues and challenges that consumers are facing, as well as discuss the future impact for brands, business and society.

What consumers want in a COVID-19 world

In this Brand Genetics webinar, CEO Tom Ellis talks with Dr. Paul Marsden, consumer psychologist and expert in human behaviour, to reveal the underlying motivations that are driving how consumers respond to the pandemic.

Paul has been a regular commentator in the media (Sky News, CNBC) on topics such as panic buying and stockpiling: this is a chance to hear his practical insights into the implications for brands and business.

A Global Perspective on What Consumers Want in a Covid-19 World

This Brand Genetics webinar aims to provide a global perspective as we seek to understand the impact and implications of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour around the world – both now and in the future.

In this discussion, we explore the impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour in Brazil, India and China, with our expert panel of Camila Marcondes (Head of LatAm, Brand Genetics), Raji Bonala (Director of Vox Populi Research, India) and Bai Nan (Lead Associate, Brand Genetics China),

The key themes are:
– What’s the current situation in these markets?
– Consumer responses to the 4 pandemic contagions (biological, fear, misinformation and kindness)
– What does the future hold and what does this mean for brands?

How crisis can help you fuel growth: Applying Post- Traumatic Growth to Business

In this webinar Atif Sheikh, CEO of businessfourzero, Dr. Paul Marsden, consumer psychologist, and Tom Ellis, CEO of Brand Genetics, talk through how we believe you can position yourself and your business to emerge from Covid stronger than before, primed for growth by proactively leaning into and seeking to address the 5 key areas of Post-Traumatic Growth:

Key Themes

1. Finding a new perspective on your priorities
2. Developing stronger relationships with your team and customers
3. Making business models more resilient, or better anti-fragile
4. Identifying new, unseen opportunities
5. Developing a clearer sense of purpose


We hope to continue the series soon, so if there are additional topics ore questions you would like to see our experts explore get in touch today! 

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?