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The HIVE roundup, a summary of our 12-part series

This article is part of our series on Global consumer insight on Covid-19.
You can view the full series or download the report.

Over the last 12 weeks the world has changed almost unrecognisably, something which continues to impact many parts of the globe. This profound disruption has sent ripples through consumer behaviour, forcing change across almost all product categories and industries. Here at Brand Genetics we have been exploring these shifts with weekly analysis from our global network of insight and innovation professionals covering every continent except Antarctica!

Now, as many countries emerge from lockdown and businesses return to a sense of normality, we have made the decision to halt these weekly updates.  As a wrap up, we have complied all the analysis into a handy set of links so that you can easily find the insight into your industry from the HIVE. Check them out and, as always, if you have further questions or challenges to explore please do get in touch:


  1. The immediate impact on consumer behaviour: Changing fast, changing slow

We utilise a psychological model, the ARC of happiness, to explore the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviour.

  1. Lockdown reaction: when fear leads to positive action

We explore the roles brands can take in responding to the crisis, taking leadership and reassuring their consumers.

  1. Inequality in lockdown: Collective threat. Divided outcomes

We dissect the skewed odds of the virus and the inequality of its impact.

  1. Health and wellbeing: The ball is in my court

As consumers look to take control over their wellbeing, we discuss the changes to consumer behaviour in this sector.

  1. . Finance and banking: Pennies, pounds and the peace of mind of millions

We look beyond physical health to pull apart its knock-on impact to the world’s financial health.

  1. Technology: Digital development or disillusion in a disrupted time?

Zoom fatigue? Our deep dive into consumer behaviour change in the tech and digital sector.

  1. Parent and Child: Think of the kids

With schools out, we explore the changing family dynamic and how this has impacted household’s behaviour.

  1. Food and drink: The taste of change?

Cooking up a storm? With restaurants closed and the shopping experience drastically changed, we discuss the changes to consumer behaviour occurring in the kitchen.

  1. Brand response: The good the bad and the ugly

As businesses move from shock to response, recovery and even growth, we look at some of the winners and losers.

  1. Socialising and entertainment: Now is the summer of our discontent.

Our conversation on what socialisation and entertainment means in the coming months

  1. Hygiene routine: Health and Safety gone mad?

The current situation has seen an unprecedented focus on health and hygiene. With new public safety messages being issued on a regular basis, we dissect what are the habits that people are following and how many of these will last in the long-term.

  1. Beauty and Grooming: A new look for the new normal?

In our closing episode we touch on the changing consumer behaviour when it comes to cosmetics, hair care and all things scrubbing up!


It’s been a great journey and we thank you – the readers – for your time and contributions to topic suggestions through this period. We hope we’ve helped give you a sense of the local and global impacts this pandemic has had on so many parts of our everyday lives.

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?

To hear more about what we are up to and the work we are doing, why not join our mailing list?