This week we continue with our series of blogs, highlighting the insights from our latest report, which aims to help managers myth-bust the world of Gen Z.

A quick dose of fact-checking reveals many Gen Z claims you may have seen published to be little more than “fake news” with no basis in fact – a big problem for brands wanting to make smart decisions. Brand Genetics is here to help you spot the and navigate the Gen Z waters!

Week 2: Physical Wellness

This week we explore the second trend from our report, Physical Wellness. Gen Z is emerging into a world increasingly influenced by a $4.2 trillion wellness industry. Looking after yourself in a body-conscious and image-centric world is an increasingly dominant social requirement.

With this backdrop, the data shows the Gen Z cohort feels responsible for its own health. In the US, this is a group that drinks less alcohol, smokes less tobacco, takes fewer risks with their health, and is beginning to consume less refined sugar.

That said, intention and awareness may not reflect reality as, despite health campaigns and the pressures of social media perfection, Gen Z is more overweight and less active. Globally, one in five among this generation is overweight or obese, with levels tripling vs Gen X in the US. In addition, other areas of health seem to be affected too – sleep problems and eating disorders are also elevated amongst this group.

So What?

These wellness challenges raise the need for new solutions that promote sleep, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles. The challenge is how to make these solutions relevant and relatable for Gen Zers!

One strategy we are exploring at Brand Genetics is taking a more holistic view of wellness that encompasses not only the physical wellness of our bodies but also the physical wellness of the planet. We believe this could resonate with Gen Z who are increasingly stressed about inheriting a planet threatened by climate change, pollution and waste, resource depletion and biodiversity loss.

Growing up under the shadow of environmental catastrophe, Gen Z represents a clear opportunity for brands to promote holistic wellness for both people and the planet.

Wanting to implement positive innovation in your business? If you’re looking to move beyond fake news and properly understand what makes Gen Z tick, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!


A real entrepreneur, Ben has already founded a chocolate milk start-up (Old Farm No 1) and a ski event and lifestyle business (Shred Ski). With a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Bath, he previously worked in business development at HelloFresh, breaking records for marketing achievements. Ben is a keen sportsman enjoying ice hockey, floorball and especially skiing, and taking any chance to get out on the mountains.

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