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Life As A BG Intern: Ben Preston

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“Holy f*** Ben, you’ve really done it this time,” was the main thought crossing my mind in my interview as I was introduced to Amanda (our resident neuroscientist). How was I ever meant to compete with that? Yet here I am, 6 months down the line, and not only did I get the job, but…

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Brand Genetics Is Looking For An Insight and Innovation Intern

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Here at BG we are looking for someone to work as part of our team for 3 months. Every day at Brand Genetics is different so there will be opportunities for the successful candidate to get involved across a wide range of activities – supporting live projects, helping new business initiatives and creating fresh content…

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As is traditional, Brand Genetics once again spent the day at Imbibe, the must-see trade show for anyone in the world of alcoholic drinks. After spending time with brands both big and small, all hoping to revolutionise the world of drinks, we have distilled five key trends which are set to define the future of…

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