Every client and every project is unique

Every client and every project is unique

Human-First Insight

From consumer insight to human truth

What unites humanity is more powerful than what divides it: so, we seek the deeper human truths that cross cultures and markets – using scientific and empathic techniques to get past the ‘can’t say, won’t say’ challenge

These insights are revelatory and can give fresh perspectives on old questions. They are also more predictive and are better to guide strategy in a volatile and changing world


We helped the world’s biggest brewer understand the emerging needs and category dynamics of non-alcoholic beer to guide market entry, development strategy and future innovation

Our toolkit includes


Psychological Frameworks

Scientific insight to get to deeper, unspoken human motivations

Consumer Conversations

Interviews and discussions using empathic approaches to gather rich emotional insight and reveal hidden needs

Digital Insight

Extract human insights from the wealth of online data, revealing real behaviour and aspirations

Anticipatory thinking

A toolkit of diverse and complementary foresight methodologies (inc. ‘Delphi’ and scenario planning) to map possible futures

Human-First Innovation

From product-focused to human-first

Humans are goal-driven. For innovation that resonates more deeply with an audience, we must discover and define their real ‘jobs-to-be-done’ (the bigger goals & motivations) and then understand how your brand can enable people to achieve them

By developing more positive innovations – innovations designed for human happiness and wellbeing – we deliver a strong competitive advantage. And, by rooting the innovation in deep-seated human motivations they are more future-proofed against an ever-changing world


We helped the world’s largest privately-owned spirits company create the next generation of luxury limited editions to meet the needs of tomorrow’s high net worth consumers

Our toolkit includes


Northstar Vision

Guide strategic innovation by defining brands’ 
role in addressing core human needs in a 
changing world

Growth Workshops

Inspiring sessions grounded in the science of creativity to help teams unlock new opportunities

Agile Innovation

Co-create alongside early adopters and experts to evolve innovation ideas and get further, faster

Innovation Blueprints & Concepts

Create clear consumer-centric briefs for successful innovation, brought to life ready to brief teams and succeed in quant

Human-First Impact

From project delivery to human engagement

To create real impact we work to engage internal audiences emotionally and rationally – telling human stories and bringing findings to life to drive empathy, moving and catalysing stakeholders to drive change with confidence

By de-averaging the data, we tell more motivating human stories that engage the emotions and grab attention, aligning teams around a clear purpose and vision


We helped the global leader in home care shape its future roadmap for a connected world with an immersive ‘house of the future’ experience

Our toolkit includes


Stakeholder Management

Working to understand, engage and influence key stakeholders from start to finish to drive alignment on outcomes

High-Impact Delivery

Embed outcomes with dynamic debriefs, interactive workshops, engaging documents, podcasts and documentaries

Consumer Closeness Experiences

Enhance understanding and engagement by getting stakeholders to walk in their consumers’ shoes

Human First Training

Equip your team with the human first frameworks and tools to transform your innovation and creative abilities

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