Forward Thinking

Man Down: The Future of Masculinity with Dr. Paul Marsden

613 390 Clemmie Prendergast

Having worked closely with Brand Genetics for several years, Dr. Paul Marsden has been a central part of our campaign exploring modern masculinity. Recently, he took the time to share his thoughts on the future of gender and branding and the impact it is having on the marketing landscape.  DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT NOW Q: Why…

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Human Insight & Innovation in Saudi Arabia with MULU Athletics

670 374 Neha Ahmed

At Brand Genetics, we believe in the power of empathy and understanding consumers as human beings first, keeping them at the centre of our insight and innovation. One example of a company that has taken human insights and transformed them into new innovations is MULU Athletics, a company that designs multifunctional ‘athleisure abbayas’, a sports…

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What does it mean to be a man today?

1080 608 Ben Preston

In the first of a series of reports on identity (we will also turn our attention to Female Identity and Digital Identity), we aim to decode the changing nature of masculinity now and in the future. By summarising current research and evidence-based-thinking we highlight three new male identities, as well as six key insights for brands and businesses interested in better addressing men. You can download the full report for free now.

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What does a Millennial Saudi Prince mean for the future of a nation?

Shifting Sands – The Changing Face of Saudi Arabia

1080 1080 Neha Ahmed

What does a Millennial Saudi Prince mean for the future of a nation?It’s a question we’ve pondered for a while as it could mean seismic changes for Saudi Arabia. Having conducted an in-depth study it appears big changes – and opportunities – do lie ahead and now’s the time for brands and businesses to take…

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In the spirit of things – 4 emerging trends from Imbibe 2018

783 375 Ben Preston

It has been well documented that people are drinking less, both in the amount consumed per session but also as a weekly total. Yet, testament to its ability to innovate, the spirit sector continues to prosper.  The market is more diverse than ever, with global spirit sales estimated to grow by 4.3% in 2018 –…

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1080 608 Andrew Christophers

“If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then, to make sure it’s still there!” We used to love this Will Rogers quote, in the early start-up days at Brand Genetics.  We especially enjoyed using it with Brand Genetics co-founder John Kearon, whose early vision for the company was…

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The Future of Luxury – A Radical Redefinition

1080 804 Neha Ahmed

Last month, we were lucky enough to snag tickets to Selfridges’ sold-out event ‘The Flipside’ – a multi-sensory exhibition featuring 8 unique installations, each showcasing a different artistic and creatively challenging interpretation of ‘radical’ luxury.  Unlike the traditional and obvious associations of ‘high quality’ or ‘expensive’, each ‘world’ displayed artistic and out-of-the-box perceptions of luxury…

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Food Pioneers – Learning from the Innovators

1023 309 Andrew Christophers

As an innovation business, we are always inspired by stories from real innovators – so we were spoiled for choice at yesterday’s Food & Drink Innovation Network event, Food Pioneers. Fraser Doherty talked us through his compelling human story, subtitled “the adventures of Jam Boy”. Initially aged 14, he made 100% fruit jam, using his grandmother’s…

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World Book Day: What we’re reading at Brand Genetics

1080 1115 Clemmie Prendergast

To celebrate World Book Day this past Monday, some of the team here at Brand Genetics have decided to share our favourite insight and innovation books with you. Here is what we love and why… 1.  Brain Surfing by Heather LeFevre Olivia says: “It’s a pithily written insight into the world’s leading marketing minds blending strategy,…

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What’s in a name? Determining your innovation’s destiny

1080 567 Tom Ellis

One of my favourite ideas is the concept of nominative determinism: that you are more likely to gravitate to a job, hobby or location if it ‘fits’ your name. The theory suggests you’re more likely to be a Dentist if you’re called Dennis, more likely to be a keen climber if you’re called Cliff and…

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